Technology Life Cycle

Stage 1 - Investigation

Investigation is the exploration stage in which the concept of an invention is identified and defined.

Stage 2 - Feasibility

Feasibility involves technical research to determine the utility and validation of the invention. During this stage a laboratory prototype is developed and efficacy is determined. Cowboy Technologies, with input from the faculty inventor, complete market research and develop the business model. Upon funding approval, Cowboy Technologies transitions the technology project to development.

Stage 3 - Development

Development of an invention involves the creation of alpha prototypes. Cowboy Technologies provides supervision during the development process. As tests are conducted, successful applications are determined. Further Beta testing in relevant environments positions the products for market introduction.

Stage 4 - Introduction

Introduction of market ready products validates the value proposition of the technology in the competitive marketplace. Cowboy Technologies supports the continued capital needs for product introduction in conjunction with funding networks.

Stage 5 - Growth

Growth expands the technology platform to other relevant applications or products across multiple markets.

Stage 6 - Maturity

 Maturity is reached as the technology innovation saturates industry and customer segments.